A Spiritual Thought for the Day: Golf’s Long Walks Are Just like Life

Golf may seem like a calm and uneventful sport, but there’s a lot simmering underneath. When you’re trying to sink the ball into the hole at the end of the green, you’re aiming for perfection; but once you sink it, you’ll have to progress to the next hole. There are 18 holes in a typical golf course and you’ll have to go through all of them to honestly say that you’ve had a full game. This is the reason for the inspiring spiritual thought for the day: golf, like life, is a long walk with lessons for you to learn every step of the way.


Life’s Mirror

People go through life trying to achieve their goals. Like golf, this can have varied results. Sometimes you get a lucky shot and sink a hole-in-one. Other times, you might end up with a string of bad breaks. Life presents people with the same situation: it can be easy or it can be hard. The important thing is that eventually the ball lands in the hole and you move on. It may have taken you several or just one stroke, the result is the same if you remain strong and patient.

Another similarity that life shares with golf is that it’s you who sets the pace. The golf ball won’t move on its own; there’s no opposing player to chivvy the ball along or steal it for you. If you want to get it moving you’ll have to putt, drive, and swing at the ball with all your best. This may not seem like life with all of its challenges, but the main impetus in the forward movement of your life is always you and not someone else.

Struggling Through

That’s why, even in the darkest moments, you should keep on fighting and moving. Just like golf, if you want to get through a bad patch, don’t give up. Then again, it can be draining on your emotions. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to energize yourself to continue with the struggles of life. Reading spiritual poems about God and golf by Lynn Parker of Fairway Ministries is one way to do this.

Inspirational poetry can evoke feelings that average prose can’t do. Sometimes, all that people need is a little push or a subtle reminder to brighten up their lives. Remember that when life gets you down, you should take a leaf from a golfer’s playbook: just keep swinging.


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