About Lynn


Confession: I am a closet writer.

Very few of my contemporaries have any idea that I would ever dabble in an artistic expression such as this & it is a testimony to the irony of GOD’s  “wiring” that I would ever have thought to attempt the exercise, minus HIS prodding.
Putting pen to paper is antithetical to the identity that I have hammered out in this life & to be truthful – but for an odd inner prompting — (born perhaps by the approaching of sixty years on my speedometer or — equally explainable as a love of a good cup of coffee) I would never be moving to be obedient to those things I sense GOD is laying on my heart.
I am a golfer by trade. I have spent my life in the pursuit of the elusive perfection that typifies this game — as a player & as a teacher. So, to change focus in middle age admittedly seems ridiculous.. I will explain this new endeavor only as “Obedience”! — Pure & simple.