Learn How to Walk with God and Lead a Meaningful Life through Golf

The golf course perfectly mimics the beauty of God’s creations, and its players perfectly encapsulate how people walk through their lives every day. There are endless comparisons that can be made between a game of golf and life itself, one of which is that both require a strategy to win in the end. Once you […]

Club House

I’m glad you found me — here in the closet! My prayer is that you could find something of import for your soul here; — that, you might find a way down the fairways of life — that, the course you are charting might lead you to that place where, as the prophet Isaiah proclaimed […]

November 7,2014

WD …. NS …. NC …. These are terms well known to all tournament golfers.
The game of golf has some notable anachronisms that appear on tournament scoreboards worldwide. The terms give a clear picture of what happened to a tournament entrant with a minimum of fuss & melodrama.
It occurred to me that it would be […]

November 2, 2014

“ There is a peace in quitting!” — A lie that comes from the devil’s pit !!! To battle long in a season of difficulty can zap your strength & drain your energy.
When you have little fuel for the fight it is easy for the devil to convince you there is no hope & no […]


I have a 40 lb. toffee colored dog named Taffy-Lou. Louey is a very headstrong little girl and it is a constant battle to have her mind her “mommy”. With keen eyesight and an even keener sense of hearing, it startles me to have her wake from a deep middle-of –the-night sleep , bolt from […]

My Friend Joe

It grieved my heart for a moment, as I began to come to grips with the possibility that Joe might not be the earnest seeker I had presumed him to be — but rather — an unbeliever!! We had jostled for years in friendly conversation, regarding a belief and faith in a sovereign GOD and […]