Learn How to Walk with God and Lead a Meaningful Life through Golf

The golf course perfectly mimics the beauty of God’s creations, and its players perfectly encapsulate how people walk through their lives every day. There are endless comparisons that can be made between a game of golf and life itself, one of which is that both require a strategy to win in the end. Once you […]

Golfing with God: Finding Him in Every Swing, Course, and Tourney

When American pro golfer Webb Simpson won the 2012 U.S. Open golf championship, he was quoted by numerous publications and media outlets as saying: “I prayed more the last three holes than I’ve ever done in my life. It helped me stay calm. […]”. Faith in sports isn’t exactly something new, and golf (which is […]

Quotes about Golf and Your Life: Putting the Game in Daily Decisions

To some, golf may seem like an unexciting sport; a repetitive process of hitting and following a ball—but, the true value of the game actually lies within the mind and spirit of the player himself. Golf doesn’t just encourage a person to become analytical of his techniques and skills, it also nurtures a person’s connection […]