Club House

I’m glad you found me — here in the closet! My prayer is that you could find something of import for your soul here; — that, you might find a way down the fairways of life — that, the course you are charting might lead you to that place where, as the prophet Isaiah proclaimed — you could be called “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of HIS splendor.”

I have spent my life around a game where you call penalties on yourself.— Where you are required to
“ Hit it!” — “ Find it!” — & “ Hit it again!”

So, with a lifetime of golf as the backdrop, my purpose moving forward will be to use golf as a metaphor for life, — to perhaps impart some word(s) of comfort to someone who has hit it “out-of-bounds” a time or two.

Golf cartoon 2 small

It is always a productive exercise to clean out your golf bag.  You never know what treasures may lurk in that big bottom pocket, or what gooey biological matter may be exhumed from the long zipper pouch hidden, for who-knows-how-long, behind your bag’s snap-on hood.

A good “clean out” may spur you to ask yourself such sage questions as “ How many pencils does one player need?”  …. Or  “What is the optimum “ ball to tee”  ratio  that provides a golfer with the supreme confidence that he/she can complete 18 holes without ever risking using all stocked  ammunition and supplies?”

You can peruse the mound of paraphernalia on the garage floor and marvel that you could tote that monstrous bag from the parking lot to the practice range.   You may also take pride in lightening the girth of your favorite “Sunday bag”; with fresh revelation that — it was no small wonder the bag never balanced properly — given the two dozen old balls in the side pocket.!!

Once in a while it is wise to stand back and assess the baggage that you have acquired in life too —
to take stock of those things  you have deemed useful enough to hold on to,  and important enough to give special space in your world.

It may require taking a ruthless inventory of things that you are keeping that need to be put out with the next trash pickup.   It may also give you a chance to pump fresh air into the attic of your imagination and fresh inspiration into your spirit.

I encourage you to blow the dust off your old irons ( so to speak)  — those tried and true tools that have served you faithfully for many years.   You must assess whether the “oldies” are still worthy of a “starting line-up” position or whether you should venture into new twenty-first century technology.
I hope you find that there are some things in your old bag ( no insult intended)  that have outlived their
usefulness and perhaps yet again — you may find that precious divot-repair-tool that had was a gift from your grandfather.

Life is full of seasons where it is incumbent upon us to determine what remains and what goes —
What matters and what will not matter anymore!!   May you become wise in the process.
May you find things you thought were lost and identify some things that are just taking up space.
It is a very cathartic operation to cultivate things of value.  May you lose those things that are wasting  precious time, energy and space!!   …..   You look lighter ALREADY!!!