Learn How to Walk with God and Lead a Meaningful Life through Golf

The golf course perfectly mimics the beauty of God’s creations, and its players perfectly encapsulate how people walk through their lives every day. There are endless comparisons that can be made between a game of golf and life itself, one of which is that both require a strategy to win in the end. Once you learn how to walk with God, along with many other strategies, you can get through life the way golf players achieve victory in their favorite sport.

The Four “R”s

Sports psychologist Dr. Morris Pickens believe that there are four R’s that are necessary to playing golf that most people could also apply in life. In his book, “The Winning Way in Life and Golf”, Pickens advised people to refocus, set up a routine, react, and relax whenever they find themselves in a bad situation in life.

Unexpected things can happen while playing golf; for instance, a bad shot might get in the way of you making a birdie the way unexpected stuff can come along your way in your personal life. It’s easy enough to get thrown off by these events, but what matters most is for you to be able to keep your composure and put your focus instead on God. Once you do this, all these problems will fade into the background. You can also get closer to Him by building a healthy faith routine, simply by offering a prayer everyday and reading His Words.

In a game of golf, it’s sometimes unavoidable to have a reaction to either good or bad shots. In the end, like in golf, there are moments when you have the chance to glorify God and commit to doing the best you could while leaving the rest to Him. Finally, there’s no reason for you to dwell on every single bad thing that comes your way and simply let the past be the past.

Enjoying His Creation

Once you’re able to find the time to relax, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to experience and bask in beauty of God’s creation, and you can start on the golf course. It is also the best place to start a meaningful conversation with other people, redeeming the time-consuming aspect of the sport. Off-course, you can find inspiration by websites like Fairway Ministries. There, you learn the best ways of living a more spiritual life through lessons learned from golf.


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