Seeking God and Golf: Seeing, Feeling and Trusting God All the Way

Every golf player has his own way of playing the game and reaching the ultimate goal of getting the ball into the hole, the same way each person has his own way of traversing through life. There are, however, key elements in a player’s performance that can make him the best in the same way that being closer to God can bring out the best out in every person.

This is what sports psychologist Dr. David Cook explored in his bestselling book, “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia” (which was the basis of the film Seven Days in Utopia). In Dr. Cook’s book, he revealed that there are endless similarities between seeking God and golf, and it’s all about the right strategy to reach the goal of honoring God.

Stemming from his experience as a sports psychologist, Dr. Cook’s book centered on an aspiring professional golfer who, after an embarrassing meltdown during a big tournament, found himself taking a fork on the road to the town of Utopia in West Texas. There, he meets an unorthodox mentor, Johnny, who teaches the protagonist valuable lessons on golf through methods like fishing, flying and painting.

See, Feel and Trust

When looking at the player, Johnny realized that the problem was with the player’s heart and not his performance. It was during their sessions that Johnny revealed the core of his teaching to the aspiring golfer. First, golf is about seeing that what you want to have will happen, which then leads to you feeling or having a strategy to make this happen. Finally, when you feel that a strategy will work, you have to trust yourself that it will happen.

The “see it, feel it, and trust it” strategy is actually very much like how you can live your life when you have God with you. When you are able to walk through life seeing the face of God everywhere you go, feeling His presence in everything you do and trusting in Him and His love during hardships and sufferings that might come your way, then you’ll be able to walk through life more confidently.

Though the book ended on a cliffhanger, the unnamed protagonist’s story will definitely strike a chord with people. His story is just one among many that prove that there’s more to golf than just a game, as this can teach numerous lessons on faith. There are other fellows who are happily golfing with God out there, and like them, you can find inspirational thoughts from websites like Fairway Ministries for truly brighter days.


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